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*Please read my WHOLE policy before sending me a request, it will save us both a lot of time :) *

I'm always looking for new books to read! If you would like me to review your book, or just want to recommend a book you think I would enjoy, I would love to hear from you. However, due to a large number of requests I would currently like to only review books in the romance, new adult, paranormal, or fantasy genres (I accept both YA and "adult" books). I understand that many genres overlap so if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Because of the large number of requests I receive, it may take me up to six months (or even more!) to review your novel, so please be patient! Also please be aware that some review requests end up in my spam folder, I try to check my spam folder occasionally but if it's taking me a long time to respond feel free to contact me through Twitter, Goodreads, or my Google Plus page.

Due to the huge number of requests I receive I'm very picky about which books I review. If I'm unable to review your book at this time I am still willing to do giveaways, interviews, spotlights, and other features to help promote your novel. Send me an email and we can set up one (or several) posts to help get the word out! (At this time I do not accept copy and paste posts and would like to keep all content at least semi-original).

Though I would love to support every author out there I just don't have the money to do that, so the only guaranteed way for me to review a novel is I receive a copy. If that's not an option for you I understand, and I'll add your book to my reading list, but I can't promise a review. I prefer Kindle (.mobi) versions of all submissions.

Please keep in mind that all of my reviews are 100% honest.

(I read both YA fiction and regular fiction; I will not review non-fiction, biographies, essays, religious/inspirational, poetry, or classics.)

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