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Bloodlines #2: The Golden Lily Review

Title: Bloodlines #2: The Golden Lily

Author: Richelle Mead

Date of Publication: June 12, 2012

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

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Synopsis: Following the events of Bloodlines, life for Sydney Sage returns to normal. She's living in Palm Springs, California and staying at an elite boarding school to watch over Jill Dragomir, one of the only in the Dragomir line and vital in keeping Lissa Dragomir as queen of the Moroi, a group of peaceful vampires. As an Alchemist Sydney has been taught since birth the evils of vampires and to never become close to them, risking the horror of Alchemist re-education facilities. However the more time Sydney spends with Jill, Eddie, Sonya, Dimitri, and especially Adrian, she begins to question the principles she has always believed in.

 My Review:

When I first heard about the Bloodlines series i was dubious. I wasn't a big fan of Sydney in Vampire Academy, despite the small role she played, but when I heard Adrian would be a major focus in the series I knew I had to read it. All my fears were for nothing, I adored Bloodlines and eagerly anticipated The Golden Lily, which was just as amazing as the first book, if not more so.

Sydney is a wonderful character, while she might not be as headstrong and kick-ass as Rose but she has her own strength that is a bit more subtle. Despite everything she's been taught about vampires she follows her heart and does what she knows is right, even if she knows that she might get in trouble with the Alchemist's because of it. Sydney knows she must distance herself from the vampires but she can't bring herself to actually do it, especially when it comes to Adrian.

Adrian was one of my favorite characters in Vampire Academy and continues to be one of them in Bloodlines. In both Bloodlines and The Golden Lily Adrian becomes much more developed, offering insights into his smoking and drinking habits, as well as insight into him as a person; his love of art, the problems he has with his father, and the fear he has of Spirit eating away at his mind. He's still the witty and charming character we all love, but with more depth, which makes me love him even more.

The Golden Lily focuses less on Jill and more on Sydney and Adrian. It soon becomes obvious that Adrian loves Sydney, constantly standing up for her and trying to protect her. Meanwhile Sydney is completely oblivious, even though she is dating a guy she meets named Brayden, it is obvious she loves Adrian too. The last pages of the novel leave me completely frustrated with Sydney, yet wanting more. Mead is one of the greatest authors out there and this book should not be missed.


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