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October Daye #1: Rosemary and Rue Review

Title: October Daye #1: Rosemary and Rue

Author: Seanan McGuire

Date of Publication: September 1, 2009

Formats Available: Mass Market Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: After losing fourteen years of her life when a case goes wrong private investigator October Daye wants nothing more to do with the world of Faerie. However, when Countess Evening Winterrose is brutally murdered and her dying words bind Toby into finding her murderers, Toby is forced to get involved in the world she thought she left behind. As a changeling, the child of a full blooded faerie and a human, Toby faces more than her fair share of challenges, from limited magic to the scorn of pure faeries, but Toby must find the murderers before Evenings curse, or the murderers themselves, catch up with her.

My Review:

My friend has been begging me to read this series for the longest time, raving about how fantastic it is. After devouring Rosemary and Rue it's safe to say that her raving is completely justified, with heart stopping action, numerous near death experiences, and three potential love interests I could hardly put this book down.

Heavy on action and light on romance Rosemary and Rue is a book that never slows down. While the novel starts off a little slow as Toby readjusts to her new life and refuses to have anything to do with faerie it quickly picks up. From one exhilarating action sequence to the next I was riveted the entire time. A captivating mystery paired with a crew of fascinating characters, including rosebush cats called rose goblins, made Rosemary and Rue a fantastic read.

Tybalt, the King of Cats, had to be my favorite character. Despite Toby's claims that they hate each other she trusts him with Evenings secret and Tybalt never fails to help Toby when she's in trouble. Toby's other two love interests, Connor and Devin are equally interesting, Connor being married to Toby's liege's daughter and Devin running a Home for changeling kids. My other favorite character had to be Dare, one of Devin's kids who has been charged with following Toby around, her tough girl attitude and her shirt that said 'porn star in training' never failed to make me laugh.

Rosemary and Rue definitely lived up to my expectations, I really enjoyed this novel and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. This is an original and refreshing series that should not be missed by fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. With a wonderful mystery in the mix this book will not disappoint.


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