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The Parasol Protectorate #4: Heartless Review

Title: The Parasol Protectorate #4: Heartless

Author: Gail Carriger

Date of Publication: July 1, 2011

Formats Available: Mass Market Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: When a confused ghost appears to Alexia threatening the queen Alexia knows she has to investigate. She soon picks up on a trail that leads her deep into her husband's past, his former werewolf pack, as well as her friend Madam Lefoux's aunt, a rapidly dissipating ghost. When Alexia learns the startling truth she also finds she has been on the wrong track all along. With Madame Lefoux's suspicious activities, threats against her life, and her duty to the queen Alexia hardly has the time to remember she is eight months pregnant. Now she must save the queen, relocate a vampire hive, and get to the bottom of the threats against the queen, all while the baby insists upon arriving most inconvenietly.

My Review:

Heartless easily takes the place as one of the best books in the series right behind the first book, Soulless. Alexia waddles about England dodging zombie porcupines, pretending to be a housekeeper, and learning the truth behind her husband's abandonment of his old pack; all while eight months pregnant. Alexia is as hilarious as usual and the interactions between her and Conall are sweet and make for a subtle but cute romance.

I really enjoyed getting to see more of Biffy's character in this book, previously one of Lord Akeldama's drones he is having a hard time accepting his fate of becoming a werewolf. Biffy's predicament also brought out a softer side of Lord Maccon, breaking down a bit of his tough exterior. Lord Akeldama will forever be one of my favorite characters, his tendency to give everyone a nickname and his overly exuberant personality never fails to make me smile.

I really enjoyed the plot of this novel; Alexia's father has always been a character that fascinated me and I was thrilled when Carriger revealed more about his past.  The end of the novel leaves all the characters in an interesting position, I can't wait to see what Carriger does with this huge plot twist she's thrown us. However it turns out I'm sure Carriger will handle it beautifully!

Fans of the Parasol Protectorate series will not be disappointed, while nothing can quite live up to the first book in the series Heartless comes pretty close. From Carrigers wonderful writing and her humorous characters the Parasol Protectorate series is a series that fans of paranormal romance will definitely enjoy.


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