Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glitch Review

Title: Glitch

Author: Heather Anastasiu

Date of Publication: August 7, 2012

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: In a world free of war and emotion Zoe is one of the few who still holds on to her human emotions. She's been glitching, the software in her brain occasionally allowing her to take over her thoughts and feelings. As she begins to develop her own thoughts and feelings she becomes more scared of be captured of the regulators, who will reprogram her, or even worse, deactivate her. When she meets Adrien she discovers that she's not the only one and a group of resisters have been struggling against the leaders to free the population of their computerized thoughts. Zoe meets other glitchers and with their help she is able to take on the very evil they live in fear of.

My Review:

While Glitch had an interesting premise and the potential to go far it just didn't quite work out. While not quite a bad book it had its fair share of dull spots and infuriating moments. The main idea was a great, I loved the idea of humans being controlled by computer chips in their brain, but that was probably the only thing I ended up liking.

The characters were all stereotypical; Zoe was the naive and boring main character, Adrien was the too perfect love interest, and Max was the one with ulterior motives. While I neither liked nor disliked any of them their stupid mistakes and predictable behavior started to really bug me. However the biggest annoyance of all was the use of made up swear words, every other word out of Adrien's mouth was a made up swear word and it made it impossible for me to take him seriously.

Glitch moved extremely slowly, I felt like the plot moved a bit in circles. Zoe learned the truth of her life, she went to the Surface with Adrien and learned that everything she knew was a lie, went back underground to her home, had her memory erased, and spent the rest of the novel relearning everything she learned in the first 100 pages.

Followed by an anti-climactic ending, I just couldn't get into this novel. Between the moments where I just wanted to shake the characters for their stupidity and the moments where I was so bored I could hardly read anymore I just couldn't make myself like this book even though I wanted to.

While younger readers will likely delight in the original story line and the slight romance between Zoe and Adrien older readers may want to skip this one.


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