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Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor Review

Title: Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor

Author: K.G. Bethlehem

Date of Publication: November 19, 2009

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: In 4th Lebos the Doomonster, an evil being whose power lies in another dimension, has kidnapped the powerful sorceress Mela in exchange for all the gold in the land. Because of Mela's great power the Doomonster soon decides that he wants Mela's power for himself, and makes it his goal to steal her power for his own ends. When her friends, led by the brave warrior Sharpstar, discover that Mela is missing they strike out on a dangerous mission to not only rescue their lost friend but to also to discover the truth about the rules of 4th Lebos. As their journey continues they find danger around every corner especially in the greatest evil of them all, the Doomonster.

My Review:

Despite the abundance of typo's and the confusing organization Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor holds a lot of potential. With an interesting setting along with different worlds and dimensions, as well as strong fantasy and science fiction references this novel just needs a little polish to get it on its feet.

One quirk I found really enjoyable in this novel was the hand-drawn pictures of all of the major characters. Along with the vivid descriptions provided by the author I found it really easy to visualize the characters. Despite being a bit flat and stereotypical I ended up thinking the characters were one of the authors stronger points, a little more personality and the characters would have been great!

My biggest complaint with the novel would have to be organization. While the plot itself was interesting, the way the novel was set up made it hard to navigate. It took me a long time to get all the character groups straight and I kept feeling like I had accidentally missed something important because I was constantly mixing up characters. I always love changing perspectives but the way they were set up in this novel ended up creating confusion.

Even though the plot has been done before I think Bethlehem tried a more original way of looking at it through the changing perspectives. However, there were many inconsistencies throughout the novel, such as the Doomonster first kidnapping Mela in exchange for gold then the plot quickly switching to him having kidnapped her for her power. Maybe I accidentally missed something in my initial confusion over characters but many situations in the novel ended up taking 180 degree turns.

With a little work this book definitely has the potential to appeal to fans of fantasy and political intrigue. A good first effort, with a little work Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor has the potential to be an interesting novel.  Good luck to K.G. Bethlehem on future works!


*Note: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review and received no monetary compensation for this review.*

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