Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newsoul #1: Incarnate Review

Title: Newsoul #1: Incarnate

Author: Jodi Meadows

Date of Publication: January 31, 2012

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Ana is a a newsoul. While those around her have been reincarnated for thousands of years retaining all their memories Ana is new, learning everything for the first time. When she turns 18 she leaves her oppressive mother, Li, in search of answers as to why she's alive when Ciana, the soul who she replaced, isn't. Left with nothing but a bad compass by her mother Ana gets lost in the woods, attacked by the dangerous Sylph.   When a teenage boy rescues her Ana knows that he won't help her anymore once he finds out what she is, but Sam is different. Sam agrees to take her to the city of Heart and help her search for the answers she so desperately craves. As Sam stands up for her against the Council, and her mother, Ana begins to learn that she isn't the worthless nosoul shes been called her whole life. As their love blossoms their enemies become more determined to tear them apart, and eradicate the nosoul for good.

My Review:

Its always the novels I never expect to love that end up becoming my absolute favorites. I never expected to love Incarnate as much as I did; a beautiful story about love, hope, and understanding this novel was by far one of the most wonderfully written novels I've read in a long time. This book is as close to perfect as any novel can get.

Incarnate focused more on character development and interaction than the actual plot line. While the plot still held moments of excitement and intrigue the book focused on Ana and her growth as person. When the novel starts she believes shes nothing, that she dosen't deserve to have interests, to have a personality. Through the love and guidance of Sam, Ana begins to learn about herself and grows into the caring and curious person she is at the end of the novel.

From page one I fell in love with Ana. Lost and forgotten she believes shes worthless, not capable of love or feelings. Vulnerable and scared she believes everyone is out to get her, laughing about her behind her back. Ana is far from perfect, defensive and distrustful she pushes away those who love her most, scared by the thought that they are merely pretending to care about her. However, throughout the novel she changes and evolves into the person she's always dreamed of being.

I also fell in love with Sam; loving and understanding he loves Ana for who she is, not for the person everyone believes she should be. Willing to do anything for her, and she for him, their romance was deep and heartfelt. With his own fears and secrets Sam wasn't perfect either, but that's what made him so perfect for Ana. In the end he needed her just as much as she needed him.

Beautifully written and deeply romantic , Incarnate is one of the best YA books I've ever read. I absolutely adored this novel and very highly recommend it to fans of the YA and paranormal romance genres, trust me this book will not disappoint.


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