Friday, January 18, 2013

The Eye-Dancers: Character Profiles


Our continuing Author Spotlight book of the month is The Eye-Dancers by Michael S. Fedison! Throughout the month of January Lovely Books Blog will be hosting exclusive interviews, character profiles, and other exciting features! Check back on alternating Friday’s and Saturday’s to be the first to see exciting new posts!

This week the the characters have been kind enough to tell us more about themselves! Check out their hilarious profiles below and don't  forget to pick up a copy of The Eye-Dancers from AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords, or Kobo!

Character Profiles:

Name: Mitchell Brant

Age: 12

Birthday: January 24

Physical Description:  I’m tall, buff with washboard abs, have brown wavy hair, and a dimple on my chin that everyone thinks is irresistible.  Okay—so I exaggerate.  I have that tendency.  I guess, if I’m being honest (something that doesn’t come naturally to me)—I’m on the tall side for my age, thin, and, well, I do have brown hair, that much is true.  I’m not bad-looking, even though I never really considered myself anything great. But then Heather, a really pretty girl I met, tells me I’m cute.  And she . . . but wait.  If you want to hear more, you’ll just have to read the book!

Hobbies:  I love collecting old comic books.  My favorite title is The Fantastic Four.  I like to tell people my collection’s worth thousands of dollars, but that isn’t really true.  I like to daydream, pretend, and okay, I do lie a lot.  One of my favorites is telling classmates I once climbed the summit of Mt. Rainier.  It’s hard for me to tell the plain old boring truth.  I like sports, and am not too bad at most of them.  I once bragged that I ran the mile in four-and-a-half minutes.  It was more like eight or nine, but who’s timing me?

Name: Joe Marma

Age: 12

Birthday: July 27

Physical Description:  What can I say?  I’m short, bud.  You got a problem with that?  I’m the shortest kid in my class, and I keep hoping I’ll grow a few inches.  I guess I still have time to catch up.  I better.  I don’t like to think I’m full-grown here!  I have short black hair and am stocky and strong.  My dad says I’m built like a fireplug.  But I hate being so freakin’ short.  My brother, who’s in high school, is six feet tall.  The lucky creep.

Hobbies:  Can I put fighting?  Busting heads?  Throwing uppercuts?  Nothing gives me the high of a good scrum.  I might be short, but you don’t wanna mess with me, bud.  Most people don’t anymore.  I got a reputation now.  Hmm, what else?  I like comic books, too, but not like Mitchell does.  He’s way into them.  Sports are good, movies—especially action flicks short on plot and big on chase scenes.  And girls.  Too bad most of ‘em are way taller than me.

Name:  Ryan Swinton

Age: 12

Birthday:  September 5

Physical Description:  You know, I like to tell a lot of dumb-blonde jokes.  They’re kinda my calling card.  But that’s mostly ‘cause I’m blond myself.  I learned a long time ago that people think you’re funnier if they think you’re pokin’ fun at yourself.  I’m real tall, too, one of the tallest guys in my class.  Funny thing is, when I’m with Joe, who’s like, a foot shorter than me, I end up feeling shorter than he does.

Hobbies:  I’m pretty obsessed with being funny.  It all started by accident one time in school.  People just flooded around and I started tellin’ jokes.  I had a lot of ‘em, and everyone kept laughing.  It was great, but it made them want more.  And more.  And more.  And I never want to let ‘em down.  I’m always on the lookout for new punch lines. I check online constantly.  And I watch people, just looking for funny things.  I have to make sure I always got fresh, new material I can use.  Everyone expects me to always have a joke at the ready.  It’s fun in a way, and real stressful in another way.  It’s not easy always trying to be funny.

Name:  Marc Kuslanski

Age:  12

Birthday:  March 19

Physical Description:  I’m pretty thin, I guess, just ordinary-looking.  It’s my glasses that kind of set me apart.  Tortoise-shell frames that are always sliding down my nose.  I continually have to push them back up.  That happens so often, I hardly even notice doing it.  If you picture a junior-high geek in your mind, well, unfortunately, that probably describes spot-on what I look like.

Hobbies:  Well, I don’t really think of my interests as hobbies—they’re more like vocations, stepping-stones, pursuits.  I’ve loved science since I was a little kid.  Astronomy, physics, quantum mechanics, you name it.  I believe that all mysteries can, and ultimately will, one day be solved.  Science, the pursuit of knowledge is the key to our further understanding of our universe.  I don’t believe in miracles or supernatural explanations.  There is a sound, logical underpinning to everything that exists.  Once I get on a roll talking about my theories and hypotheses, I can drive people a little crazy.  I get told to shut up often.

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