Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini-Review: Study #1.5: Assassin Study

Title: Study #1.5: Assassin Study

Author: Maria V. Snyder

Date of Publication: 2008

Formats Available: Author's website

Synopsis: Yelena, the heroine of Maria V. Snyder's stunning debut novel Poison Study, is on her way to her ancestral homeland of Sitia to be reunited with her family and to learn more about her magical powers. An order of execution hangs over her head should she ever return to Ixia. But her true love, Valek, quickly learns that an assassin has taken it upon himself to make sure Yelena doesn't reach her destination.

As Ixia's chief of security, and a highly skilled assassin himself, can Valek track down the killer in time to save Yelena's life?

My Review:

I haven't had much time to read this week because of a heavy work schedule so when I saw that Assassin Study was a 15 page short story centering on Valek I knew it would be the perfect thing for me right now (the story can be found here on the author's website).

The best part about this short story was being able to see into Valek's mind. Throughout the first novel I constantly found myself curious about what was going on under his tough exterior and I loved being able to see into his mind. The format of the story made it a little choppy at parts, since readers voted on what they thought Valek should do, but overall despite being only 15 pages Assassin Study was very well written and I just can't get over how much in enjoy Snyder's to the point writing style.

While the plot was interesting the short amount of time that Snyder had made it difficult to fit in plot details and flesh out the story.  The number one reason I don't like short stories is for this reason and unfortunately the plot just wasn't detailed enough to make me seriously interested in it. I was much more interested in sensing Valek's feelings for Yelena and watching how he handled different situations. Getting a insight to Valek's character was nice the plot just seemed to get in the way sometimes.

Fans of the Study series will no doubt enjoy this small look into Valek's mind and into the world that Snyder has so masterfully created. While not a hugely entertaining read it's fun in its own right and definitely made me excited to get my hands on the Magic Study, the next stop in my re-read of the series!



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