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Review: Bedroom Games

Title: Games #4: Bedroom Games

Author: Jessica Clare

Date of Publication: November 4, 2014

Formats Available: Paperback, E-book

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Synopsis:  Kandis Thornton isn’t afraid to lie, scheme, and sneak her way to the grand prize money on the Reality TV show, House Guests. That prize money is the only thing keeping her mother from losing her house (and thus moving in with Kandis). She needs that money, and if she has to step on a few people to do so? She’ll do it. House Guests is a show all about outplaying your house-mates, after all, and she’s not there to make friends.

But Kandis didn’t count on the fact that someone else was going to be playing just as hard as her. And she didn’t plan on teaming up with her nemesis, or scheming their way to the top. Nor did she plan on sleeping with him.

But these things just happen when you’re stuck in a ridiculous house with nothing but time on your hands and a hot guy sharing your bedroom…

My Review:

Bedroom Games was hands down one of my favorites in the Games series so far. I ended up reading this one on a long plane ride (16 hours, ahhhhh!) and it was the perfect book for the situation. Light and fun this book doesn't require a huge amount of attention and it's super easy to get sucked into, making it the perfect book for a distracting atmosphere.

Even though this novel didn't take place in an exotic location the power challenges completely made up for it, were entertaining to read, and added a level of excitement that I missed in the last book. Though the challenges could be a little gross they added a little suspense to the story and I loved watching the characters react to each challenge. From bugs, to gross food, and everything in between there was hardly a dull moment when a challenge was going on.

I absolutely loved the character dynamics in this novel. From secret alliances, back stabbing, lying, cheating, and everything else in between there was plenty of drama to keep me entertained to the very end. Kandis wasn't afraid to use everything she had to lie and backstab her way to the top and I loved watching her set up her opponents and then bring them down, all while nobody was any the wiser. Though she was a little manipulative on the outside her intentions were good and I loved seeing the sweet side of her character when she was with Brodie.

Seeing Brodie again was one of my favorite parts of the series. In Playing Games he drove me absolutely insane but I liked seeing him from a new set of eyes and I'm glad he got his happy ending. The romance between him and Kandis can be described as nothing other than hot, and I loved every moment of their steamy romance. Even though their romance was hugely physical I could still feel the connection between them and I loved watching it develop from hate to love.

One of the best series in contemporary romance I can't recommend the Games series enough! Funny, original, and romantic this series has it all. Anyone looking for a fun contemporary romance series need look no further!


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