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Review: Ice Games

Title: Games #3: Ice Games

Author: Jessica Clare

Date of Publication: July 29, 2013

Formats Available: Paperback, E-book

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Synopsis: Zara Pritchard is a has-been. Once an Olympic darling, she's been reduced to skating in a dinosaur costume and giving lessons at the local mall...which is why she's excited when she's offered a chance to sub on a TV show, Ice Dancing with the Stars. If she wins the show, this could be the break she needs.

There's just one problem - her partner.

Ty Randall is a MMA bad boy looking to fix his image problem. Sure, he's got the nickname of 'Ty the MMA Biter'. Sure, he might have bit a guy's nose off in the cage. But putting him on a reality TV show? A skating reality TV show? He's not interested. He'll do the minimum to fix his image and call it a day.

But when wash-out meets flame-out, sparks fly and tempers flare. And Ty and Zara start to realize that maybe this partnership might be just as steamy off the ice as on it...

My Review:

The Games series is easily one of my absolute favorites in contemporary romance. Though there's nothing groundbreaking or amazing about any of these novels they're just plain fun to read, and thats why I love them so much. Though each book follows a similar story line I love watching the chemistry develop and the drama of being on a reality TV show.

That being said Ice Games was probably my least favorite in the series so far, just because it didn't have as exciting of a plot as the last two. Instead of being stuck on an island or running around the world Zara's and Ty's romance mostly takes place on an ice skating rink rather than any exciting locations. On the other hand I've never read a book that had anything to do with ice skating so it was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed reading about Zara's time as a Olympic figure skater and what happened to change all of that.

Though the Games series romances tend to focus on the more physical aspects of the relationship I loved watching the chemistry between Ty and Zara. They were such opposites, Zara being a tiny figure skater and Ty being a burly MMA fighter, that watching the two of them interact was easily the most entertaining part of the story. I loved watching their relationship go from hate to love and everything else in between. Even though their relationship was so physical I still felt like there was a strong connection between them and thats what I love about Jessica Clare. She manages to make a novel steamy but still forge that connection between characters that makes the romance believable.

Zara was one of the sassiest characters so far in the series and she wasn't afraid to tell anyone off or take matters into her own hands. Between Ty and his bad attitude, the judge that had it out for Zara, and the horrible skating instructor there was plenty of drama and Zara wasn't afraid to fight for what she wanted. I couldn't help but laugh as Zara went through the novel provoking Ty, firing members of the TV show crew, and otherwise being just plain stubborn. I loved Zara and I hope that she makes a cameo in one of the future novels!

The Games series is easily the best contemporary/gameshow romance series out there and I just can't get enough of it! Those looking for a fun, quick, and romantic read should definitely check out this fantastic series by Jesscia Clare!


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