Saturday, April 4, 2015

Short Story Satruday: This is Your Destiny

Title: A Curse Keepers Secret #3: This is Your Destiny

Author: Denise Grover Swank

Date of Publication: January 20, 2015

Formats Available: E-book

Number of Pages: 71

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Synopsis: Collin Dailey is a trapped man: struggling to make a living as a fisherman, deep in debt to the gangster he does business with…and shackled to his destiny as a Curse Keeper. Sworn to guard the sealed portal to hell, Collin yearns to escape the dark duty that binds him. But his dream of outrunning his tormented life may be an impossible one. After all, he can’t turn his back on centuries of sacred tradition—or ignore his iron-fisted conjurer grandmother and her dire prophecies of a terrifying enemy bent on destroying him.

When the fearsome creator god Ahone reaches out with a tempting offer, Collin may not be able to resist. If he breaks the curse that barricades the demon realm, he’ll be liberated forever…as long as he can survive a confrontation with his deadly counterpart.

In the new prequel to the Curse Keepers series by New York Times bestselling author Denise Grover Swank, a young man must decide between seizing his own coveted freedom and sealing humankind’s doom.

My Review:

This is Your Destiny is another amazing short story tie-in to the Curse Keepers series, this time focusing on Collin and telling his side of the story and his involvement with the curse. I loved being able to learn more about Collin and finally see things from his point of view. This short story made me even more excited to get my hands on the 4th book of the series and see how things are finally going to turn out! 

I absolutely loved getting the chance to read about Collin's childhood and this story gave a ton of insight to what it was like for Collin growing up. After reading about his abusive childhood and everything that he'd gone through I have a whole new respect for Collin and I love him even more than I did in the first place! We finally get to see what gave Collin his bad boy streak and what led him down the road to a life of petty crimes. Reading about his life, as well as the relationship between him and his mother and brother, really gave me a whole new perspective on Collin and parts of the series in general. 

This short story also gives more reasoning behind why Collin allowed the gate to be opened in the first place and what drove him to his decision. While reading the full length novels about Ellie it's hard to understand why Collin would want to unleash the demons and gods behind the gate, but this story finally gives us reasons, and very relatable ones at that, as to why he allowed them all to go free. I feel like after this story I really understand Collin and everything about his life has made me just that much more sure that I want him and Ellie to end up together!

Another fantastic short story set in the world of the Curse Keepers I have no doubt in my mind about recommending this one to fans of the series. I loved the chance to get inside Collins head and see Ellie and the curse from his point of view. I'm hoping we get to read more from him in the future!


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