Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eve Review

Title: Eve

Author: Anna Carey

Date of Publication: October 24, 2011

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: After a devastating virus kills most of earths population Eve is one of the few left, living in a heavily guarded school Eve dreams of the day that she can graduate, learn a trade, and live in the newly rebuilt City of Sand. The day before Eve's graduation she learns the truth about what happens to girls who graduate, they do not learn a trade but are instead tied down and forced to have children to repopulate the earth. Eve runs away under the cover of night and meets Caleb, a boy escaped from a labor camp. Eve has been taught to fear men but Caleb seems different. Eve soon learns that the King is hunting her, putting she has put everyone she has grown to love in danger.

My Review:

I started Eve with minimal expectations, after reading the mixed reviews I wasn't sure what to expect. The premise seemed interesting but I felt that the story had been done a million times. I was pleasantly surprised when I really started enjoying Eve. While its not a resounding story that sticks with the reader long after the last page, it was an entertaining way to kill an afternoon.

While the story was interesting there were several loopholes in the structure of the government that really bothered me. Eve received an excellent education, learning to read, write, and even waltz, only to be sent to a government organization where she would be forced to have as many babies as possible. It just didn't add up. Then there's the City of Sand, all the girls dream of living there, but with most of the earths population gone what could people possibly be doing there?

Eve was a great character, her love for her friends, and especially her mom, was relatable and endearing. She was very naive, but that is to be expected and sometimes her naivety made me laugh, such as her first encounter with Caleb. I really enjoyed the story, the romance with Caleb was cute and the plot was action packed and fast paced. The bittersweet ending leaves me interested in picking up the sequel, Once.

The first in yet another young adult trilogy Eve was a good start to a series that has some potential. Recommended to younger fans of dystopian fiction, Eve was full of heart pounding action and romance and was an enjoyable read although rather forgettable.


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