Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trylle Trilogy #2: Torn Reveiw

Title: Trylle Trilogy #2: Torn

Author: Amanda Hocking

Date of Publication: February 28, 2012

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis:  Princess Wendy Everly has only recently found out that she was switched at birth and the only family she's ever known is not really her family. Unhappy with her new role as princess she runs away back home to her host brother; only to be captured by Trylle's greatest enemies, the Vittra. Before Finn and her new tracker, Duncan, can find her Wendy learns a startling secret about her past. When Wendy returns to Trylle she is torn between her duty to Trylle and her growing attraction to Loki, a Vittra prince. Wendy must master her powers, learn to live without Finn, accept her role as queen, and make the hardest decisions of her life.

My Review:

In my Switched review I stated that Hocking had the ability to be a good writer and had expressed the hope that Torn would show her potential. However, I found that Torn was even more poorly written and predictable. Full of dim-witted characters, an unlikable heroine, and not so much as a exciting and climatic ending Torn fell flat in all respects.

While Wendy wasn't quite as whiny and self centered as she was in the first book, she was an extremely rude and ungrateful main character. Instead of trying to fix her relationships with her mother and Finn she spent the duration of the book yelling at them and getting into fights. All the characters are thoroughly unlikable; Finn transformed into a jerk, Matt was a bit creepy, and Rhys was still as flat and boring as before, the only character I found myself liking was Loki and that was mainly because of his name.

The novel moves quickly, which was nice. However, the lack of plot becomes increasingly obvious the more I read. The majority of the book is Wendy practicing her powers with Tove as her tutor. The lack of any kind of climatic ending made Torn feel like a filler book, offering little vital information and mostly filled with Wendy's training sessions and fights with Finn and Elora.

I still hold to the belief that Hocking has the potential to be a good author, she just isn't there yet. I can understand how this book may be popular among younger people, but I would not recommend this series to anyone over the age of fourteen or fifteen.


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