Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nightshade Prequel #1: Rift Review

Title: Nightshade Prequel #1: Rift

Author: Andrea Cremer

Date of Publication: August 7, 2012

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Ember Marrow has always had a love for fighting, stifled under her fathers strict rules she has never had the opportunity to practice her natural gift for weapons and swordplay. As a baby Ember was sworn to the knights of Conatus in order to repay her family's debt, here Ember finally has the chance to fulfill her dreams and become a true warrior. The knights of Conatus focus on killing the unnatural, from goblins to kelpies and the sorcerers that control them. However it seems that one of the knights has been experimenting in dark magic, endangering the lives of the people Ember has grown to love.

My Review:

I was a little nervous about reading Rift, I hadn't read Nightshade yet so I was worried I may have trouble understanding what was going on. My fears were for nothing, Rift is a novel that can easily stand on its own and I ended up absolutely loving this novel. Full of hints of romance and spellbinding action I blew through this book in one afternoon and was left craving more.

The story switched perspectives between Ember and another female member of the Gaurd, Eira. I preferred reading about Ember but Eria's story was interesting and vital to the development of the story. A member of the elite Circle Eria provided information unavailable to Ember. Short chapter broke up the long novel, I always like short chapters, they encourage me to keep reading and move the story along faster. The pacing was perfect, Cremer has a knack for dropping in a page turning event right when you decide you're going to take a break, making putting this novel down nearly impossible.

I loved Ember; she was a brave and kick-ass heroine. Her passion for fighting made her a intriguing character to read about and the hints of romance between Ember and Barrow never failed to catch my interest. Embers sister Agnes was an interesting character, hopefully Cremer will reveal more about her and her secret in coming novels. While not a cliff hanger the ending of Rift left me desperate for more, I will definitely be reading the Nightshade series after this!

I adored Rift and would recommend it to young and old alike looking for a fantastic paranormal romance.  With a fascinating plot and characters you would love to be friends with Rift is a wonderful stand-alone novel. I will definitely be looking forward to more by Cremer.


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  1. This is the second really good review I've read about Rift. Definitely one for the TBR list :)