Sunday, August 19, 2012

Once Review

Title: Once (Eve #2)

Author: Anna Carey

Date of Publication: July 3, 2012

Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: After escaping from the Kings soldiers Eve has found safety in Califia, settlement of only women. When Eve hears rumors that Caleb is nearby she sneaks out only to be caught by New American soldiers and brought to the City of Sand. There Eve learns terrible secrets about her origins and the true reason the King is after her. While in the city Eve catches a glimpse of Caleb in the crowd and they begin meeting in secret, planning escape from the City's stifling walls. However the King is desperate for Eve to obey him, even if it means taking the ones she loves most.

My Review:

I found Once to be much the same as Eve in terms of plot and characters. While I did enjoy the latest novel in the Eve trilogy I found it to be just a tad forgettable but more memorable than the first. Entertaining and fast-paced I believe younger fans of dystopian fiction will adore the Eve trilogy.

Eve grew up a lot in this novel, from a young scared girl on the run she evolved into a young woman not afraid to stand up to the King and do whatever it took to protect those she loved. The King made a perfect villain, pretending to be nice one moment then doing something evil and controlling the next. While Caleb's appearance was a small one the romance between him and Eve was passionate and loving.

The plot moved quickly, hardly a boring moment as Eve struggled to be with Caleb and oppose the King. There were still a few things I found confusing about Eve's world, such as the Schools and the adoptions, but they weren't major plot details and I still enjoyed the novel. Despite being a bit unoriginal the novel held my interest and was an interesting way to kill some time.

While older fans may find the Eve Trilogy forgettable and unoriginal younger fans will no doubt thoroughly enjoy the story and be left wanting more. An entertaining plot and relatable characters will make the Eve series a hit with the middle school crowd.


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