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Lady Julia Grey #3: Silent on the Moor Review

Title: Lady Julia Grey #3: Silent on the Moor

Author: Deanna Raybourn

Date of Publication: March 1, 2009

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Despite him warning them away Lady Julia Grey, her sister Portia, and her brother Valerius arrive at Brisbane's new home in Yorkshire to find him as distant and contrary as ever. When Julia meets the other residents, the proud but mad Allenby family Julia senses that they are hiding secrets as old as their lineage. When one of them poisons Brisbane, the man they are dependent on for their very lives, Julia is determined to solve the mystery even if it means doing it on her own. As Julia learns shocking truths about both the Allenby's and Brisbane she discovers that there is more between the two that meets the eye. Despite her growing attraction to Brisbane, who continues to push her away, Julia begins to question whether or not he truly wants her there and if she should leave him and the Allenby's to resolve their differences on their own, even if it means murder.

My Review:

I absolutely adore this series! While the second one still holds the place as my favorite, Silent on the Moor was a fantastic addition to this already wonderful series. The first book in the series where a murder does not take place I was a little disappointed with the mystery aspect but the interactions between Julia and Brisbane, as well as the wonderful character and world building, more than made up for it.

The plot of Silent on the Moor was more character driven than plot driven compared to other books in the series. With a focus on the relationships between Julia and Brisbane and Portia and Jane, as well as interactions between the other characters the mystery fell into second place. While the mystery wasn't bad it wasn't as action packed and exciting as previous mysteries in the series, however it was vital for the series and it worked out perfectly.

The romance between Julia and Brisbane was one of the main focuses of the novel, from the obstacles in their way to their hot and cold relationship. I absolutely love their relationship; Julia's sassy and stubborn personality paired with Brisbane's rough and equally stubborn personality makes them a joy to read about.

While the mystery wasn't the best, it was still scandalous and intriguing. The Allenby's were just the right amount of strange and their startling secrets kept me interested throughout the novel. Full of illicit relationships, a cruel brother, and an insane daughter there was more than enough drama to keep the plot moving along.

The Lady Julia Grey series is by far one of my favorite mystery series and perhaps one of my favorites of all time. Fans of romance and mystery will devour these fabulous mysteries full of scandal and intrigue. I highly recommend this series!


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