Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Iron Fey #3: The Iron Queen Review

Title: The Iron Fey #3: The Iron Queen

Author: Julie Kagawa

Date of Publication: January 25, 2011

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Cast out from the Nevernever Meghan and Ash are stuck in the mortal world. With her home no longer safe Meghan and Ash accept summons from Leanansidhe via Grimalkin. Along with the newly exiled Puck, Meghan and Ash spend their days training and getting reacquainted with Meghan's human father. When a decree comes from the Nevernever stating that if Meghan can defeat the false king the exile on her, Puck, and Ash will be lifted Meghan knows that she has to defend the Nevernever. Along with her constant companions Puck, Ash, and Grimalkin, Meghan becomes the key in a horrific battle that requires her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

My Review:

I was eager to start The Iron Queen, having heard it was the best one in the series I was expecting great things from this novel. While it wasn't bad by any means it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The plot is beginning to feel a little repetitive and I wasn't very impressed with the ending. However, it was an enjoyable enough novel and was a good addition to the Iron Fey series.

Despite the reoccurring plot devices one thing I never tire of is the verbal sparring between Ash and Puck. The definition of the term "frenemies" their interactions are hilarious and make me laugh out loud. Meghan continues to be a strong heroine, having grown up a lot from the first novel she isn't as naive or gullible as before. I absolutely adore Ash and his devotion to Meghan makes me feel warm and happy inside, words cannot even describe how excited I am to read the next book from his point of  view!

Hopefully since the next book is from Ash's point of view and the Iron fey issue is resolved the plot will be a little different. I was getting a little tired of reading about Meghan constantly trying to defeat one Iron King after another. While The Iron Queen had the most climatic and heart stopping climax I found myself a little unsatisfied with the ending, but it's not the last book in the series so nothing is set in stone quite yet!

The second book in the Iron Fey series remains my favorite but The Iron Queen was a nice addition to the series, full of action and romance fans of the series will not be disappointed and will be left dying for the next one!


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