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Lady Julia Grey #2: Silent in the Sanctuary Review

Title: Lady Julia Grey #2: Silent in the Sanctuary

Author: Deanna Raybourn

Date of Publication: January 1, 2008

Formats Available: Paperback, Mass Market Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Recently arrived from her six month journey to Italy Lady Julia returns home to Sussex for a Christmas celebration at her father's estate. Full of family and friends Julia runs into the one man she hoped never to see again, Nicholas Brisbane, with a fiancée trailing after him no less. When a horrific murder takes place and the body is found in the chapel Julia and Brisbane must team up again to solve the murder before it's too late. With the halls being haunted by a ghost, disappearing jewels, a murderer on the loose and inclement weather making it impossible to leave, Julia and Brisbane but discover the murderer before they strike again.

My Review:

A compelling mystery, forbidden romance, and a cast of quirky yet complex characters made Silent in the Sanctuary an absolutely irresistible read. Despite the sizable length of the novel Raybourn's pacing was flawless, without a dull moment in sight and a fascinating mystery it was impossible not to love the second novel in the Lady Julia Grey series.

The interactions between Julia and Brisbane continue to be my favorite part of the novel, perfectly complimenting each other they are both stubborn and independent yet it is obvious that they care about each other. From stolen kisses to heated arguments their unconventional relationship leaves me eager to see where it goes in the next book.

I absolutely adore Raybourn's colorful characters. All of them have something to hide and all of them disregard society's rules of the time. Julia is a sassy and headstrong heroine, completely ignoring the orders of Brisbane and putting herself in danger so she can solve the mystery. Each of the characters has their own strange habits and colorful history, giving even the minor characters a hidden depth.

Despite the leisurely pace, the actual murder taking place around page 200, I was not bored for a second by this novel. The intricately woven plot of more than one mystery and the masterful dispersing of clues kept me guessing the entire time for a conclusion I didn't quite see coming.

Rayborne is a wonderful romantic mystery writer, from her engaging plot to the hints of romance between Julia and Brisbane I could hardly put this book down. Silent in the Sanctuary was an absolutely wonderful read on all accounts and is a novel I would heartily recommend.


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