Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sabina Kane #3: Green-Eyed Demon Review

PrintTitle: Sabina Kane #3: Green-Eyed Demon

Author: Jaye Wells

Date of Publication: March 1, 2011

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: After her twin sister Maisie is kidnapped by her evil grandmother, Lavinia, Sabina Kane finds herself in New Orleans along with Adam and Giguhl searching for any sign of her missing sister. Once there the trio finds themselves being followed by the Caste of Nod, an organization full of magic wielding vampires led by perhaps the most dangerous individual in the history of the dark races. Every lead they find seems to lead to a dead end and Sabina is at a loss of where to turn next. When she must face the ghosts of her past to find her sister she takes the chance willingly, now Sabina must find Maisie before the Caste of Nod follow through with their plans and destroys all of mage kind, including Sabina and those she loves most.

My Review:

After reading the second novel in the series I wasn't sure which way Green-Eyed Demon was going to go, it could either live up to the fun and exciting first book, or live up to the disappointing second novel. Happily this novel definitely made up for the boring and flat second book; full of action, romance, and witty dialogue this novel was a fantastic addition to the Sabina Kane series.

What I loved most about this novel was that Sabina finally started to open up and throw away her unfeeling and unemotional mask. She finally started allowing Adam and Giguhl to care about her and let them be a part of her team, instead of arguing over every move they made to assist her. The romance between Adam and Sabina finally surfaced as she let him into her life and allowed him to care about her.

This novel also introduced a cast of colorful new characters, from Brooks a cross-dressing changeling fae to Zenobia a voodoo priestess. Along with Giguhl and his colorful personality the entire group made for one hilarious moment after another. Their antics broke up the intense action scenes and made me laugh, lightening the mood of what would have been a more serious novel.

With near death experiences, zombies, an angry werewolf, and an evil grandmother this novel was far from boring. Between the constant action and the blossoming romance between Adam and Sabina this novel was nearly impossible to put down. With a fantastic climax and a great ending that left me eager for the sequel this was one of the best novels in the Sabina Kane series so far.

Even though the second novel fell a little flat I still really enjoy the Sabina Kane series. The series may not be the most memorable but it's still fun and full of great characters. A great way to spend an afternoon the Sabina Kane series is the way to go for fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.


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