Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Iron Legends Review

legendsTitle: The Iron Legends (The Iron Fey #1.5, 3.5, 4.5)

Author: Julie Kagawa

Date of Publication: August 28, 2012

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Winters Passage: After making a deal with Prince Ash to return to the Winter Court after they rescue her younger brother, Ethan, Meghan and Ash travel to the Unseelie realm together. However, something is on their tail and they must escape it or neither of them will be able to fulfill their promises. Summer's Crossing: When Meghan becomes Queen of the Iron realm Ash makes a vow to be with her not matter what the cost. Before Puck and Ash go on their quest Leanansidhe demands her favor. Now Puck and Ash must travel into dangerous territory, leaving Puck with an impossible decision. Iron's Prophecy: Now that Meghan and Ash are finally together in the Iron Court Meghan is brutally reminded of what the Oracle said to her long ago, that her first born child will bring nothing but destruction. Along with Ash and Puck Meghan sets out on an adventure to find out about the truth of her son's future.

My Review:

This small book of short stories was a perfect way to end the Iron Fey saga. With the characters I've grown to love I was thrilled to have this final chance to embark with them one last time before their stories are over. Along with the action and romance present in the full novels these short stories were able to pull this series together and Iron's Passage set up for the coming series featuring Ethan.

My favorite story by far had to be Summer's Crossing. Told from Puck's point of view, I loved being able to see inside Pucks head and reading from his point of view was highly entertaining. With a completely original voice unlike either Meghan's or Ash's Puck finally had his chance to shine in a story of his own. With a plot full of disguise and betrayal Summer's Crossing fit perfectly into the series.

Winter's Passage was a great story that takes place right before Ash presents Meghan to the Winter Court. Short, but still full of action and romance this story filled in the small time gap between the end of the first book, The Iron King, and the second book, The Iron Daughter. Even though this short story offered no deeper insight on the characters it was a good story and I loved being able to read about the journey Meghan and Ash took to get to the Unseelie Court.

The final story in the book, Iron's Prophecy, opened the way for the coming book focusing on Ethan. After Meghan sees the future of her son and the terrible truth of what may happen she must make a impossible decision, the consequences not coming to light until The Lost Prince. This short story was the perfect way to end the series and get me excited for the next novel!

These three fantastic short stories leave me sad that the series is over for me, but also excited to continue with Ethan's story. I absolutely loved the Iron Fey series and recommend it highly to fans of YA paranormal fiction!



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