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October Daye #6: Ashes of Honor Review

Untitled-2Title: October Daye #6: Ashes of Honor

Author: Seanan McGuire

Date of Publication: September 4, 2012

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: It's been almost a year since October Daye stopped a war, gave up a county, and agreed to take Quentin as a squire. After the great personal losses Toby feels as though the world is crumbling around her as the throws herself into one dangerous situation after another. When her fellow knight, Etienne, asks Toby to find the missing daughter he never knew he had she reluctantly agrees. Like Etienne she's a teleporter and she's ripping the world of faerie apart as she opens doors to realms that are sealed and causing destruction wherever she goes. Likewise danger is stirring in the Court of Cats and Toby finds herself thrust in the middle of it along with the King of Cats, Tybalt. Now Toby must find Etiennes daughter, avoid being killed, and come to terms with her growing feelings for Tybalt.

My Review:

I absolutely adored this book with every fiber of my being, this novel went above and beyond every expectation I had for the series (which were already extremely high) and left me wondering how any book I read in the foreseeable future will ever compare to this book. Full of romance, action, and plenty of Tybalt I loved every second of this installment in the October Daye series.

While the plot was nothing new for the series (it seems that everyone's child gets kidnapped at some point) this novel was more about character interactions than actual plot. Bringing back characters from as far back as the second book and returning to places such as the Duchy of Tamed Lightning gave a lot of characters that I'd almost forgotten about a chance to have another part in the series.

Even though the plot was mostly character based, Ashes of Honor still held the heart pounding excitement that I've come to love about the October Daye series. With just as many near death experiences and dangerous situations this novel kept me turning pages long into the night as I became completely engrossed in the action and the growing relationships between characters.

A huge focus of this Ashes of Honor was Toby and Tybalt's emerging relationship. I've always loved both of their characters so watching them finally realize their feelings for each other was by far my favorite part of the novel. There were moments when I squealed in excitement, where I reread parts over and over, where I read each sentence with growing anticipation; in the end this novel was pure perfection.

One of my favorite series of all time I recommend anyone and everyone to run to the store right now and pick up the October Daye series. Trust me, you will not regret it!


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