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Sabina Kane #4: Silver-Tongued Devil Review

silver tongued devilTitle: Sabina Kane #4: Silver-Tongued Devil

Author: Jaye Wells

Date of Publication: January 1, 2012

Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Now that threats of war are passed and a new peace treaty is in the works Sabina Kane finally has time to focus on her growing relationship with Adam and nurturing her magical powers. However, Sabina's sister Maisie is having trouble overcoming the horrific kidnapping that happened in New Orleans and Sabina has a growing feeling that peace between the races just isn't possible. Soon a string of murders halts talks of peace and leaves Sabina and Adam to find the murderer. With few clues and almost no suspects Sabina begins to suspect that a larger force is at play. With problems in her relationship with Adam, issues with her magic training, and difficulty helping her sister Sabina soon begins to think that this may be one enemy she won't be able to kill.

My Review:

Similar to the rest of the Sabina Kane series Silver-Tongued Devil was an entertaining yet unmemorable read. With fun characters, plenty of action, and some mystery these novels are absorbing reads but lack the "oomph" that would make them unforgettable. With a surprising ending this novel stood out a little more than the rest of the books in the series but was still far from memorable.

The murder mystery made for a good story but it felt like a lot of the novel was spent on Sabina going to concerts and to The Vein instead of actually solving the mystery. Definitely slower than Green-Eyed Demon this novel wasn't boring exactly but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the previous novel. However, the last part of this book sets up for a huge showdown in the final novel so I suppose it was necessary.

The conflict between Adam and Sabina definitely spiced up the novel and made their relationship more interesting to read about. In fact there were a lot of conflicts between characters in this novel, especially Sabina's conflict with Alexis (the vampire that took Sabina's place within the Dominae). All the characters seemed to have a bone to pick with each other, which definitely made for a more interesting read.

One thing I was a little disappointed about was that a lot of the characters seemed a little different in this novel. Even Giguhl, my favorite character, lost a bit of his spark. With few hilarious side comments and the humor I've come to love so much I was sad that Giguhl wasn't as how I remembered. However, he didn't play as large a role in the story as previously so maybe his humor will be restored in the final book.

At the end of the day the Sabina Kane series is an entertaining and fun way to spend some time. Not my favorite series of all time but I would definitely encourage fans of urban fantasy to check out this series!


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