Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Perfect Victim: Opening Letter

tpv letter

The Perfect Victim by Natasha Snow follows the story of Rachel, a high school student so desperate to be a part of a relationship that she starts an unhealthy relationship with Dominic, a boy at her school that she meets online. As she begins to become uncomfortable with the horrible way he is treating her she soon turns to drugs and cutting, unable to step out of the vicious cycle she has been drawn into.

Throughout the novel the older Rachel comes back and writes letters giving advice and insight to the younger Rachel. Check out an exclusive letter below!

Dear Younger Me,

            You have been through so many things, and no matter what, in your future you’re going to see others go through bad relationships.  You will meet people that have been raped or abused.  You will know others who cut themselves to try to make the pain go away. Even though you know it will keep happening to those around you, you shouldn’t remain victim to it.  You have the power to pick your own destiny.  To fight your own demons, knowing it may come at a cost, but the reward is so much greater.  You will grow up to combat these issues not only for yourself, but for others who have suffered the same way you did.  You will teach others to value themselves, to surround themselves with good people who will value them for the good people they are, and you will unleash your deepest secrets to the world just to let others know they are not alone, and there is a choice to be made.  You never felt like you had a choice, and now you are one of the many out there that are trying to give people like you the opportunity to speak up for themselves.  Hang in there; there are so many people out there who want to help you, even some who have never met you before.  The future is an amazing place; you just have to hold on long enough to be able to see it.

                        Love always,

                                    The wiser you

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