Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Gone Wild

Title: Gone Wild

Author: Ever McCormick

Date of Publication: August 15th, 2013

Formats Available: E-book

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Synopsis: Just before college graduation, Ina--star of her senior class--made a mistake that went viral. Then, when life seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, she walked in on her boyfriend cheating with her roommate. To get away, Ina ventures to a cabin on a remote mountain, intent on some solitary time.

She doesn’t count on Adam -- the man who watches over the cabins -- being so distractingly sexy. Adam came to the mountain to get distance from anything that could cause him pain, and Ina stirs feelings in him he thought he’d left behind.

As Adam and Ina open up about their pasts, the mountain seems like the perfect setting for a second chance at love.

Until they realize they’re not alone.

My Review:

If there has been one genre that I just can't get enough of lately it's New Adult. Gone Wild was an absolutely fantastic addition to the budding genre and had all the right elements to make it a perfect story. This book is one of those novels that was super fun to read but had just enough serious content thrown in to make me really become connected to the characters. I felt like I was right with them through their ups and their downs and that paired with a great story line,  Gone Wild was one of the best books I've read in awhile!

Ina is one of those characters that's nearly impossible not to relate to. She doesn't know who she is or where she's supposed to be and she keeps searching for it in all the wrong places. I could completely relate to her uncertainty toward her future and not knowing what it was that she really wanted. McCormick did a fantastic job relating Ina's want to be alone and just take some time to figure things out, something I can one hundred percent relate to. While Ina wasn't my ideal character, some of the things she did were a little out there, I admired her spirit and her ability to stand up for herself even thought she didn't always do the best job doing it.

One of the things I love most about the romance between Ina and Adam is that Adam isn't the classic "ruggedly handsome" man who lives on the mountain, in fact his description doesn't even sound all that appealing. As the story goes on and Ina learns more about him she starts to see the little things about him that make him handsome, instead of simply seeing him for the first time and falling in instant lust. Sure, there are plenty of lust filled thoughts and glances but I felt like Ina fell in love more with Adams personality than his looks and as the novel went on she began to see him as being more and more attractive instead of the other way around.

Despite there being only two main characters McCormick managed to put as much action and excitement into the story as possible. The side story/mystery involving the escaped convict added a bit of suspense to the story and there were moments when the creepiness of the mystery gave me the shivers. Gone Wild was truly a fun read and I enjoyed every second of it, despite the slight predictability. I loved the setting and the outdoors atmosphere gave the novel a little bit more of a pure feel than if this novel had been given an urban setting.

I would no doubt recommend Gone Wild to fans of New Adult and contemporary romance. With relatable characters, a bit of suspense, and a swoon worthy romance I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be visiting this one again soon!


*I received a copy of this novel from the author/publisher/publicist via Netgalley in exchange for a free and honest review and received no monetary compensation for this review.


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