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Review: Captive

Title: Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade

Author: A. D. Robertson

Date of Publication: October 22, 2013

Formats Available: Hardcover, E-book

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SynopsisThe first adult novel set in the world of the New York Timesbestselling Nightshade series, Captive delivers a steamy, forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by an irrepressible desire.

Twenty-five-year-old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege. As a direct descendant of the Keepers—witches who have embraced dark magic—he defers to no one but his overlord, Lord Bosque Mar. For most of his life, Tristan has been kept out of the centuries-old Witches War, his bloodline too valuable to risk in battle.

But when a beautiful, young human Searcher named Sarah is captured and made a prisoner in his Irish castle, Tristan’s infatuation with her flings him headlong into the fray. Captive and captor, unable to contain their longing, embark on a passionate, forbidden romance together—only to learn that their love is at the heart of a prophecy predicting the downfall of the Keepers’ ages-old reign.

Captive explores the darker side of the richly imagined Nightshade universe, a fantasy world of powerful dark witches, shape-shifting wolf warriors, and fascinating history. The first of three erotic novels, Captivedelves deeply into the fiery, illicit romance of two young lovers whose very desires invite their doom.

My Review:

Having read quite a few novels by Andrea Cremer, and really enjoying them, I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to review Captive. Presented as a more erotic side of the Nightshade series (so scandalous that Cremer had to go by another name!) I was expecting a romance heavy plot with a little bit of action thrown in here and there. While I definitely wouldn't classify this novel as erotica the romance scenes had just the right amount of steam and I was pleased to find that Captive had a much stronger plot than just the romance between Sarah and Tristan.

My favorite part of the novel was the development of the conflict between the Searchers and Keepers. Robertson included a great prologue to the novel that refreshed my memory to the origins of the war and also gave new readers a strong sense of what started the war and what each side was fighting for. Bosuqe Mar played an interesting role in the novel and it was fascinating to see his character from another perspective, however the true villains of the novel were Lana and Owen. A succubus and incubus respectively Robertson created characters that were so evil that it was impossible not to hate them, especially after the dungeon scene. In a way I loved Lana, with her snarky attitude and cruel personality she was an amazing villain; Robertson did a fantastic job writing her character, she was easy to hate and that's what made her such a wonderful addition to the novel.

Sarah was a great main character to read about. I loved her interactions with the other characters in the novel and I absolutely loved watching her fall in love with Tristan. Their romance moved quickly once it started, however I could truly feel the connection between them and though their first interactions seem to be based more off lust than affection watching them fall in love was half the fun of the story. Tristan's role as a Keeper was fascinating and I would have loved to know more about his back story and what kind of powers her really possesses underneath his naive and sheltered nature. The end of the novel only gives us a little peek into what Tristan is capable of and I can't wait to find out more about him and his abilities.

The only complaint I had with the novel was the lack of significant plot developments. The novel is extremely fun to read and does have a stronger plot than I expected, but throughout the novel I was waiting for a turning point or major conflict in the war between Searchers and Keepers. Though the ending presents the possibility of a sequel building off the events of this novel, and then eventually turning into a huge conflict between the two sides I still wish there had been some stronger strides toward the conflict. Nonetheless Captive is firstly a romance novel, and a great one at that, so the lack of plot development didn't turn me off to the novel, I just wished there was a little more of it.

Captive absolutely blew me away, with a romance that will make you tingle down to your toes and a cast of beautifully developed characters this novel is a keeper. I can't wait to read more novels set in the Nightshade world and see where Robertson goes next!


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