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Review: Jaz Parks #5: One More Bite

Title: Jaz Parks #5: One More Bite

Author: Jennifer Rardin

Date of Publication: December 15, 2008

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Synopsis: It's Jaz Parks. I've already smoked the guy who was the pain in the CIA's you-know-what for the past few years. But now, in the power vacuum left by the death of Edward "The Raptor"Samos, a struggle for supremacy has begun between his former allies: The Flock, The Valencian Weres and the Coven of Inverness.

The CIA feels the balance must be maintained. So when an agent planted among the Weres discovers a plot to assassinate the Coven's leader, I and my vampire hottie (and boss), Vayl, are brought in to take out the woman hired to do the deed, a killer who might be as wily and Gifted as ourselves.

So it's off to the Scottish Highlands for some twisted fun among murderers, demons and half-crazed relatives. Sometimes being a top-secret CIA assassin isn't all it's cracked up to be.

My Review:

Its taken me days to get up the courage to write this review because I know it's going to be a hard one. I always have a much harder time writing about books I love than books I hate and the fifth installment in the Jaz Parks series most definitely falls into the love category. One of the greatest books in the series so far (and dare I say in the PNR genre!?) One More Bite totally blew me away and left me absolutely desperate for the next novel!

Jaz and Vayl took sexual tension to a whole new level in this novel. From whispered words when nobody was listening to making out behind closed doors I was swooning the entire novel. I've been waiting for this novel since I read the second book in the series and Rardin is a true master at building sexual tension. She built it up to the point that I was freaking out a little bit more with each book and by the time things finally started happening between Jaz and Vayl I was basically squealing in excitement. One of the things I love most about the relationship between Jaz and Vayl was how, instead of throwing themselves into a relationship, they took the time to put their pasts to rest so they could be truly together. I can feel the chemistry between them and that makes each interaction just that much sweeter.

The action side of the plot was a little slower in this novel as it wasn't the main focus this time around. With the death of Samos Rardin has to set up for a new villain (it looks like the Oversight Committe may be playing a role here?) and the development of a relationship between Jaz and Vayl took a definite lead. With Jaz's father, Albert, paying a bigger role we finally got the chance to learn a little bit more about Jaz's childhood and her home life and figure out a little bit more about why she hates him so much. One More Bite was an emotional one for Jaz and it was interesting to see a new side of her personality. I really enjoyed learning more about her and watching her deal with emotions she isn't used to dealing with.

I'm really happy the little love triangle with Cole is finally over. It was always obvious the entire time who Jaz was going to end up with and it looks like Cole has finally accepted that. I'm also super happy about Vayl putting his boys behind him. I know it was a big part of the story but it was holding him back and I'm happy to see that he's finally started to put that part of his past behind him. I have a feeling that he's going to reconnect with his sons when we least expect it and that moment will be all the more exciting because Vayl isn't trying so hard to make it happen.

One More Bite was hand down the best novel (so far!) in the Jaz Parks series and I am absolutely dying to get my hand on the next novel! I would highly recommend this series to fans of paranormal romance or fantasy; one of the strongest series in the genre these books are winners.


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