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Review: One Tiny Lie

Title: One Tiny Lie (Ten Tiny Breaths #2)

Author: K. A. Tucker

Date of Publication: June 11, 2013

Formats Available: Paperback, E-book

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Synopsis: Livie has always been the stable one of the two Cleary sisters, handling her parents' tragic death and Kacey's self-destructive phase with strength and maturity. But underneath that exterior is a little girl hanging onto the last words her father ever spoke to her. “Make me proud,” he had said. She promised she would...and she’s done her best over the past seven years with every choice, with every word, with every action.

Livie walks into Princeton with a solid plan, and she’s dead set on delivering on it: Rock her classes, set herself up for medical school, and meet a good, respectable guy that she’s going to someday marry. What isn’t part of her plan are Jell-O shots, a lovable, party animal roommate she can’t say ‘no’ to, and Ashton, the gorgeous captain of the men’s rowing team. Definitely him. He’s an arrogant ass who makes Livie’s usually non-existent temper flare and everything she doesn’t want in a guy. Worse, he’s best friends and roommates with Connor, who happens to fits Livie’s criteria perfectly. So why does she keep thinking about Ashton?

As Livie finds herself facing mediocre grades, career aspirations she no longer thinks she can handle, and feelings for Ashton that she shouldn't have, she’s forced to let go of her last promise to her father and, with it, the only identity that she knows.

My Review:

When I saw that there was going to be a sequel to Ten Tiny Breaths I was absolutely thrilled. Ten Tiny Breaths had absolutely blown me away and I had high expectations that this novel would too. Even though I didn't end up like this one quite as much as I liked the first one I still ended up absolutely loving it (plus seeing little cameos of Kacey, Trent, and Storm made everything worth it)!

I really loved having Livie as a protagonist; even though I had adored Kacey the first time around I related just a little bit more to Livie.  A bit of a perfectionist and a little shy around guys I felt like Livie was just a little bit more down to earth than her older sister. I really enjoyed watching her try to fix Ashton and watching their relationship develop. From Ashton's list of reasons why they can't be together to Livie's embarrassment over their meeting I couldn't help but root for them despite all of the odds against them.

I've never been a huge fan of love triangles but Tucker pulled off the love triangle between Connor, Ashton, and Livie surprisingly well. The romance between Livie and Ashton was absolutely sizzling and I couldn't help but squeal in excitement every time they interacted. Underneath Ashton's flirty and arrogant front I knew there was a sob story just waiting to happen and when the truth about his past was finally revealed I couldn't help but get a little emotional. On the other hand, even though her story wasn't exactly a sob story Livie changed a lot in this novel; going from being everything her parents wanted her to be to being the person she really wanted to be. It was interesting to watch that change in Livie, especially after how she had been such a rock to Kacey in the first book.

Although I really did like the story there were just a few things that didn't sit very well with me, the number one thing being all the cheating. I'm a very big believer in loyalty and watching characters make decisions that would only end in tears was hard for me, especially because I cared about them so much. Tucker did pull it off amazingly well, but it just seemed so un-Livie that part of me just had a hard time swallowing what was happening. However, a huge part of the novel focused on Livie breaking out of the perfect mold she built for herself and becoming who she wanted to be so I could understand it, it just seemed a little out of character.

Despite all that One Tiny Lie was truly a fantastic novel and I really enjoyed it. I loved getting to see new characters as well as reconnecting with old ones! I can't wait to get my hands on the next one in the series!


*I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

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