Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: February 18th

This week's Top Ten Tuesday theme is reasons I love being a reader and a blogger.

1. Talking about books - The number one reason I love being a blogger is getting the chance to talk about books with people who are just as passionate as me! There are times when I try to talk to my friends and family but for some reason they just never seem to share my excitement quite as much, probably because we don't read the same books!

2. Getting the chance to work with so many authors and publishers - I've really enjoyed a lot of the interactions I've had with authors and publishers and I'm so happy my blog has given me the chance to talk with these people! There are so many wonderful people in the bookish world and I'm so glad I've gotten to meet them.

3. Having thee chance to read so many amazing books - I've always loved reading and having this blog has given me the chance to read so many fantastic books that I would have never had the chance to read otherwise.

4. Experiences - One of the best things about loving to read is how many different experiences I can have through books. Reading a book is like having the chance to explore a whole different point of view or part of the world and I just love that.

5. Buying Books - The thing I love most in life is buying books. I love the way they smell and the way they feel and just everything about it... maybe I'm crazy but there's nothing I love more than getting new (or at least new to me) books!

6. The Way They Look - Maybe I'm crazy again but I just love the way books look. I love arranging them and looking at them and decorating with them, honestly I just really love them.

7. Free stuff! - I would be lying if I said I didn't love all the free books I get in exchange for reviews. I remember saying to myself years ago, "I wish I had a blog so I could get free books like all these other people," and now here I am!

8. Making friends - I met my best friend in eighth grade because we had a huge discussion about how Harry and Hermione totally needed to end up together. Now here we are five years later and still the best of friends.

9. Recommending books - I love recommending books to my friends and now I get to do it on a larger scale! Blogging is definitely the best.

10. New Releases - Nothing compares to the excitement of getting my pre-ordered new releases in the mail. Trust me, I will be on the floor when The Retribution of Mara Dyer comes!

Leave a comment letting me know your favorite reasons for being a reader or blogger!


  1. Now I have a reason for buying all the books I buy - it's an excuse! I feel just like you do. Free stuff is so exciting too. : )

  2. Everyone loves free stuff! :) I have way too many excuses for all the books I have!