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Sianim #1: Masques Review

Title: Sianim #1: Masques

Other Series: Aralorn #1

Author: Patricia Briggs

Date of Publication: September 28, 2010

Formats Available: Mass Market Paperback, E-Book

Synopsis: Aralorn is a spy for the Agents of Sianim, when she is asked to gather information on one of the most powerful sorcerers, ae'Magi, she discovers the evil truth of ae'Magi and his plans for power. With the help of her mysterious companion, Wolf, Aralorn discovers a camp of people working against ae'Magi and joins their forces. While working with Wolf for a way to destroy ae'Magi and his evil magic forever Aralorn discovers surprising secrets about the companion she rescued years ago. Through the use of powerful magic and a weapon they didn't know they possessed they go up against the largest evil they have ever faced.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Patricia Briggs so needless to say I expected great things from this book, I was not disappointed. After a bit of a slow start I quickly fell in love with this novel, while not as good as Brigg's later books Masques still had all the qualities that make Briggs such a fantastic author.

I absolutely loved Aralorn, she was a strong heroine and wasn't afraid of danger if it meant supporting or protecting her friends. The hints of romance between her and Wolf were cute and were probably my favorite part of the story. Wolf was a wonderfully mysterious love interest and was the perfect match for Aralorn. Maybe the plot has been done a million times but the characters are what make this novel such a wonderful read.

In the Introduction of the novel Briggs explains that Masques was her first novel and while not perfect she has made it the best she could. Masques is very much a first novel, a bit choppy and disconnected however, my only complaint would be the political aspect of the plot. I always have trouble following political plots and I found myself occasionally getting confused but I understood the main idea of the story without a problem.

I don't think Masques deserves the harsh reviews I often see. Another fantastic novel by Briggs Masques lived up to my expectations and more, fans of fantasy and paranormal romance will no doubt love this book.


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